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Blake Star 2.0, the BLAS trading symbol, is a digital cryptocurrency focused on privacy and anonymity for its users. The Blake Star 2.0 network is supported by one new algorithm x22, as well as the creation of paid master node nodes, decentralized miners that process transactions in blocks that are added to the public blockchain.

When creating each block, a certain amount of Blake Star 2.0 is created, which is paid to the miners, as well as to the master node nodes that are served by the network.

The complexity of the algorithms for checking the work progress is adjusted so that a block is created approximately every 2.3 minutes. Blake Star 2.0 was created not only to provide reliable user privacy that Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies lacked at the time, but also to provide a cryptocurrency that could support possible repression from hostile governments and central banks. Unlike many alternative cryptocurrencies, which only serve to financially enrich developers, Blake Star 2.0 was released in a completely transparent manner and with a fair initial distribution of coins.

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How it works
Key areas

Key areas of development of the BlakeStar 2.0 network.

The second stage in the development of the BlakeStar 2.0 network will be the creation
of a special decentralized platform called "BlakeStar decentralized IT development".

We all know that a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin was created following two basic principles: 1) Decentralization is a principle that no one can manage this asset alone! 2) Anonymity is a principle that allows a person or company not to disclose their personal data! Many companies and institutions that use cryptocurrency as a financial instrument have forgotten about these principles. 95% of such companies require their clients to undergo identity verification with the help of personal documents. If a person refuses to undergo this procedure, then certain sanctions are imposed on him, - for example, restrictions on the volume of financial transactions.


On the basis of which, every developer, amateur or professional will have the opportunity to present their developments in the field of cryptography, as well as have the opportunity to receive funding from the BlakeStar 2.0 project. The main task in using the above platform will be to study the problems of the blockchain system of all cryptocurrencies, and their solution. Also commissioning of the latest developments in this field. In addition, this platform will increase the level of decentralization and anonymity in the BlakeStar 2.0 network. The third and final stage of the BlakeStar 2.0 project, the development and creation of a truly decentralized exchange, in which there will be no mandatory identity process, any limits or restrictions on financial transactions, will also be the most transparent listing of new projects.





BlakeStar 2.0 Project Roadmap

October 2020
Launch of the
BlakeStar 2.0 network
25.11.2020 to 03.12.2020
December 2020
Update BlakeStar 2.0 coin wallets on all exchanges, and resume trading. Live Now
January 2021
Listing of the project for several new exchanges, the middle segment, as well as for several new services.
15.01.2021 to 01.03.2021
Development and launch of a platform for differentiation of incoming, outgoing network transactions
10.03.2021 to 01.04.2021
Development and launch of a platform for developers
April 2021
The possibility of creating your own decentralized exchange based on the BlakeStar network will be considered
About coin


In general, the project is aimed at both ordinary users and professional developers, so everyone has the opportunity to use the BlakeStar 2.0 asset and generate coins online, as our team has implemented a new x22 algorithm in the project, which runs the BlakeStar 2.0 network.

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Also in the future, our team will create and launch a platform directly related to research on the anonymity and confidentiality of networks of all cryptocurrencies. On this platform, everyone will have the opportunity to publish new in-house developments that will help improve the BlakeStar 2.0 network, as well as networks of other cryptocurrencies.The team will also create a special fund to finance new developments. for their further development !!! Everyone will have the opportunity to take part and use the platform !



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